While fans often attempt to pit one pop diva against one another, Katy Perry says she isn't interested in fake feuds.  To her, there are two types of women in the industry: "secret mean girls" and "sweet girls," and she just makes it a point to hang out with the latter.

Katy says, ""There's a lot of heavy attention on 'pop diva' right now and competition and none of us like that. But I'm a huge supporter of music...I'm friends with some of the other female pop stars. Some of them are not as friendly. Some of them are secret mean girls. Some of them are not cool. But I like to hang out with the unaffected genuine sweet girls in my industry."

One of those, according to Katy, is Miley Cyrus.

"She's really a sweet girl and she has got some big b***s," said Perry. "She just doesn't care what anyone thinks."  She says she purchased Miley's album, as well as Lady Gaga's.

Katy also spoke to the paper about Olivia Wise, the teen whose YouTube cover of Katy's song "Roar" went viral before she succumbed to brain cancer last week.  "She didn't wallow in her sadness. She found the inspiration through this song and then recorded it and inspired people so much through that video...I was just so moved and, of course, was in complete tears, was bawling the night that she passed. But really inspired that she had the strength to do this and wanted to be positive through this experience."

In other Katy Perry news, the BBC reports that she'll be performing at the Brit Awards the U.K. equivalent of the Grammy Awards on February 19 in London.  In her career, she's won one Brit award, and has had four nominations overall.