Katy Perry's new video for "Wide Awake" premiered on MTV on Monday night, and the star chatted with VJ Sway about her inspiration both for the song and the video it inspired. Katy explained the fairy tale-themed clip is meant to be "the final chapter" in her album, Teenage Dream, and it tells the story of how Katy made it through the ups and downs of fame and lost love, emerging with her inner self intact. "It kind of is the perfect last word, I guess, of me at this moment," Katy said.

Katy also explained the concept of the video -- her being led from one set to another -- was inspired by her guest appearance on Saturday Night Live. One of the crew members' jobs is to usher hosts from skit to skit, Katy explained, quickly getting them changed and ready to perform. "I thought that this would...make a good video, because that's kind of how my life is." Here Is The Vid. Check It Out