Justin Timberlake got an all-star welcome into the "Five-Timers Club" on Saturday Night Live this weekend. Not only did members Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks, Paul Simon, Chevy Chase and Candice Bergen show up to wish him well, but ex-cast member Andy Samberg and Jay-Z also stopped by for the occasion.

The show kicked off with Justin as Elton John, performing at the funeral of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.  He sang a parody of Elton's famous song "Candle in the Wind" with lyrics describing all the nutty yet true things Chavez did and said in his lifetime. In real life, Justin had once portrayed a young Elton in one of the rocker's videos, and has even been mentioned to play him in a movie biography.

Then, Justin began his monologue, saying he had been given the coveted "Five-Timers Club" membership card. Knocking on a secret door, he was ushered into the club -- a paneled library room -- where he met Simon, Martin, Chase, Baldwin, Hanks and Baldwin and was given a "5-Timer" smoking jacket.  Martin Short was the waiter, while original cast member Dan Aykroyd served as the the bartender.  "Welcome old boy. I always thought if any 'N SYNC member would make the five-timers club, it would be Joey Fatone," Martin said snootily.

Justin and Andy Samberg then reprised their '90s R&B crooner characters from the classic digital short "D**k in a Box" for a sketch called "It's a Date," where they played a duo of bachelors vying for a night out with cast member Vanessa Bayer.  As she asked them questions like "How would you spend a rainy night with me?" they would sing the answers to her in their patented "sexy" style.

Their competition for a date with Bayer included Martin and Aykroyd, reviving their legendary characters from the early days of Saturday Night Live: two Czech brothers whose catchphrase is, "We are two wild and crazy guys!"  At the end of the skit, Bayer chose both Justin and Andy, and Martin and Aykroyd, as her dates. They all got together and sang about having a "five-way" with her because they're "four wild and crazy guys."

JT was also the evening's musical guest and he performed "Suit & Tie," where he was joined by his partner on the tune, Jay-Z.  His second number was "Mirrors," a track from his new album The 20/20 Experience.

Here's a rundown of some of the other characters Justin appeared as:

--A sidewalk hawker dressed as a block of tofu, encouraging patrons to "bring it on down to Veganville," a health-food restaurant

--The Roman emperor Caligula, who's decided to give up all his orgies and debauchery, much to the dismay of his court

--A bailiff on the courtroom show Maine Justice, which is supposed to be in Maine, but everyone talks and acts like they're in New Orleans

--The star of a romantic comedy called She's Got a D**k

--A sleazy-looking porn star shilling for Moet and Chandon champagne, which he mispronounces as "Monica & Chandler" champagne

Justin's appearance provided SNL with a significant ratings boost. early estimates show that the program pulled in its biggest ratings in 14 months.