The finale of American Idol season 12 begins Wednesday night, as Kree Harrison and Candice Glover face off for the Idol crown.  Each woman will perform three songs: the song that will be her first single, a song chosen by Idol creator Simon Fuller and a song she previously sang this season.  But no matter who wins, Jordin Sparks the last woman to win American Idol  says she wants to be there when the confetti starts falling at the Nokia Theater.

"I'm actually really excited," Jordin is happy about  about the prospect of a female Idol winner after all, there hasn't been one since she was crowned in 2006.  She adds, "I'm hoping because they do everything last minute for the finale I'm hoping that I can be there and to be able to crown them.  I would love to do that; almost like Miss America.  I would love to give them a sash or a crown or something!"

As for who she's rooting for, Jordin says she doesn't "want to make anybody feel bad by any means," but admits, "I'm really obsessed with Candice."

"Her voice is just, it does something to you," she gushes about Candice.  "As soon as she opens her mouth, you're just kind of stuck; at a loss for words.  And I think she's just absolutely incredible."  But that's not to say that Kree isn't a huge talent either.

"I think she has a fantastic soul and she's got this really special Patsy Cline effortless-but-current type of thing she could do," Jordin says of Kree.  "But I think vocally if it was based on pure vocals I think Candice should win."

The singer also thinks that all four females who made the top four this year Candice, Kree, Amber and Angie will have great careers moving forward.

"All of them are going to be fine," Jordin also say's.  "I mean, they have to be good if they've made it to the top four,  you know?  And they're all individually, and stylistically, so different that I think they're all going to be able to be successful."

The two-night Idol finale airs Wednesday and Thursday night on Fox.