Now that Katy Perry has publicly referred to John Mayer has her boyfriend, it's John's turn to speak publicly about Katy.  Asked by Rolling Stone magazine how the relationship has been for him, John says, "It's been . . . I mean, I'm quite happy. I'm happy in all aspects of my life. I'm very happy in all aspects of my life."

Asked if he'd like to get general, not necessarily to Katy, John tells the magazine, "I want to live a very traditional life with a very untraditional day job. You know what I mean?"

John's relationships with famous women have always resulted in a media feeding frenzy, and his romance with Katy is no different, but the singer and guitarist doesn't seem too bothered by that these days.

"I haven't had any trouble in my private life at all," he tells Rolling Stone.  "To me it's just a matter of people knowing where you are on a given day, and I guess assessing your style when there is no style to be assessed.  I don't really call that infringing on a personal life."

That's quite a change from the way John used to feel about the media. "I used to be incredibly put off by somebody taking a picture, thinking as if in some way it was invading my brain," he tells Rolling Stone. "But all it is is you can see where I was last weekend. That's all. So now you got a picture of where I was last weekend. That's not tremendously frightening to me."