Some artists have expressed displeasure at the idea of Glee covering their songs, but Jason Mraz isn't one of those artists.  Tuesday night's episode of the hit Fox show features Lea Michele performing Jason's latest hit, "I Won't Give Up," and he Say's he couldn't be happier about it.

"Glee and all the competitive music shows that are out there right now, I think it's great, because it highlights the creativity that all of us have access to: the human voice and our bodies and dancing," he explains.  "I think that gets us out of our heads and more into our hearts, and so I think Glee's a great show for that."

In fact, Jason's happy when anyone decides to cover one of his songs, whether it's a contestant on American Idol, a Glee cast member, or some random dude on YouTube.  "[It's the] greatest honor any songwriter could receive, whether an audience is singing it or someone's at karaoke singing it or they're singing it in a wedding or certainly on YouTube,"

In fact, Jason says that the people who cover his songs on YouTube end up teaching him a thing or two.  "I do watch some of those renditions and I learn new ways to play the song and new attitudes and inflections I can put inside the song," he explains.  His upcoming summer tour may even feature a new arrangement of  "I Won't Give Up" based on a YouTube cover.

"There are multiple-part harmonies of  'I Won't Give Up' that people are doing on YouTube that I didn't put on the record that I can easily get going with my new band, which is exciting," says Jason.  "So, yeah, I try to keep my eyes open to new ideas."

Jason's summer tour starts next month in South Korea; it'll reach North America in August. I think if he were to come to Texarkana I would have to go see him how about you?