Jason Derulo may have written his latest single, "Marry Me," for girlfriend Jordin Sparks, but the title doesn't mean it's a proposal.

"When I finally do get down on one knee, it's going to be the greatest moment of my life," Jason said on Tuesday's Live with Kelly and Michael as he denied that he's actually popping the question in the song. "It's something that I'm looking forward to doing. I know it's going to change everything. It's a new beginning."

Still, Jason confirmed that the song is indeed about his longtime girlfriend, and revealed the moment when Jordin first heard the song.

"I didn't want to make a big thing out of [playing the song so I wasn't going to just present it. So I said let me just slip it on in the car and turn it up a little bit and see what her reaction was," Jason explained.

Did Jordin love the romantic track? "She was shocked. You know, she was just floored," Jason confirmed. "And every week after week, she was like, 'Is 'Marry Me' still on the album?' I'm like, 'Yes, babe.'"

"Marry Me" is featured on Jason's new EP, Tattoos, in stores now.