The second son of a Southwest Arkansas couple has died in the war in Afghanistan. The defense department says 34 year old Sgt. 1ST Class Benjamin Wise died Sunday at a medical center in Germany after being injured in a small arms fight back on January 9th. Wise’s brother Jeremy  was killed in a terrorist attack in Afghanistan in December 2009.

The two brothers parents are Dr. Jean and Mary Wise of Patmos in Hempstead County Arkansas. A defense department statement said the family thanked soldiers for their expressions of sympathy.


Meanwhile the Bridge over Interstate 30  at Stateline Avenue in Texarkana is likely soon be be named the Kyle Brandon Sout/Zaniah Creamer Memorial Bridge in honor of the two local residents who died in Afghanistan.



Lawyers for the state of Texas are arguing that Democrats and minority groups had ample time to weigh in on redistricting maps that  are being challenged in federal court. It’s the start of a two week hearing on the maps in Washington.

Districts are re-drawn every 10 years to reflect populations changes in the U.S. Census. But the Justice department, Democrats, and minority groups say the new Texas maps do not adequately distribute political power among the states minority groups.


In Sports:


#2 ranked Kentucky blasted Arkansas in college basketball last night at Rupp Arena.