A court appearance is scheduled for later this week for horse thief suspect. 18 year old Jaci Rae Jackson, an S.A.U. student was arrested yesterday during a traffic stop in Magnolia. She is charged with felony theft in connection with the theft of 4 rodeo horses in early November. Three of the horses were found in mid November suffering from malnutrition and a 4th found dead. Warrants have been issued for two other suspects in Eastern Oklahoma.

The KCS Holiday Train is once again stopping in Texarkana. The train will be here this evening. The event is free to the public and no tickets are needed. It is recommended for ages 12 and younger. Access to the train will be via shuttle buses provided by the Texarkana, Texas Independent School District. Parking at Tiger Stadium opens at 4:30. The buses will depart from Tiger stadium beginning at 4:45 and run continuously until 8:45. Children will tour three of the six cars of the train and meet Santa.

In Sports:

Monday Night Football last night went to San Diego over Jacksonville 38-14.