With the warmer weather here more folks will be out riding their bikes. The Texarkana Texas Police Department wants everyone who rides a bicycle to be safe. Here are five important laws all bicycle enthusiasts should know.

The Five Laws all Bicycle Riders Should Know

1. Riders must obey all traffic control devices such as stop signs and red lights.

2. Riders are required to use hand signals for stopping and turning and are required to ride the same direction as the flow of traffic.

3. Bicycles may not ride the wrong direction on a one way street.

4. Bicycles have the right of way and control of the lane they are occupying.

5. Bicycles are required to have a white light visible to the front and red reflector visible to the rear when operated at night.

A helmet is not required to operate a bicycle however it is strongly recommended for the health and safety of the rider. For more information on bicycle safety visit the National Highway Safety and Transportation website.