Have you been in a situation where you don't have any makeup or even a hairbrush in your purse? Recently, I was stranded in O'Hare Airport with no luggage, and no connecting flight for two days. I thought okay, I can do this.

However, after looking inside my purse, I realized I didn't have much in the way of survival for the next two days. In addition to my wallet, breath mints, tissues, cell phone (which needed recharging), pens, and a hair band, I only had a tube of toothpaste and dental floss. My makeup and hairbrush were in my luggage on the way to Texarkana Regional Airport.

I was dumbfounded by my lack of foresight. What was I thinking when I put my makeup in my suitcase instead of my purse? How did I think I was going to fix my hair or look presentable to be in public? I vowed at this point never to be unprepared again.

Since that incident, I have put a small case inside my purse packed with necessities every woman should have along with her in case she's caught in the airport. Here's a list of what extra items you should have:

  • Hair items like a small hairbrush or comb and hair bands to pull back long locks
  • Dental items such as gum or breath mints, or better yet a small tube of toothpaste, a collapsable toothbrush and dental floss
  • Cosmetics including mascara, lipstick or lip gloss, eye shadow, and an eyeliner pencil should be more than enough to get you through the layover
  • Feminine products such as tampons or sanitary napkins to keep you fresh in case Mother Nature pays a visit
  • Hand wipes are perfect for keeping hands clean or removing makeup since liquid hand sanitizers may be confiscated by TSA
  • Snacks in case you're trapped in the plane for an extended amount of time and the flight crew isn't doling out nuts
  • Cash in case a store or vendor doesn't accept credit/debit cards or lines are down during a storm

Now I know that when I travel in the future, although my clothes may be a little rumpled, I'll be prepared and can at least look as if I take pride in my appearance even if I am stranded without my luggage!