Can your cell phone actually make you ugly? A recent study by the folks at Yahoo may make you think twice before you use your phone.

Dark Circles Under Your Eyes. Studies show that cell phone screens emit radiation that causes headaches and keeps you awake. And a lack of sleep can create dark circles under your eyes, stress, and depression.


So experts say that if you look at your phone while you're in bed, you should dim the brightness setting. And hold it at least 14 inches from your face. Try doing that for 15 minutes and get back with me on how good that is for your arms.


Crows feet. If you squint when you read the small print o n email, web pages, or anything on your phone, you're causing wrinkles. So switch to a larger font.

Acne. This statistic may make you a little sick. Your cell phone has 18 times more bacteria on it than the average toilet handle. And you press it up against your face. And those germs can make their way to your face by the constant contact.


The experts say you should swab your phone with alcohol at least once a day. Or you can buy special cell phone sanitizer for about $50 bucks.

Turkey Neck. Also known as "text neck." You get it from looking down at your cell phone for any reason. If your jawline starts to sag, the only cure is surgery. So quit looking down at your phone. Or you could try holding it 14 inches in front of your face every time you use it .

Bloodshot Eyes. No one looks good with red eyes, but if you stare at your cell phone for hours you'll end up with swollen, dilated blood vessels. So don't look at your phone unless you absolutely have to.