This Black Lab wondered up to my house in the early morning hours one day last week. She appears to be someone's beloved pet but no one has came by looking for her.

Now I'm not saying that this particular dog was kicked to the curb but I wish people would put some sort of a note on dogs that they dump that says "Dumped Dog" so I do not waste time looking for owners that I will never find.

She does not have a microchip, no identification tag. She doesn't seem to have an urge to 'run home' so that makes me think she doesn't live too close. I have called the neighbors that I know and no one has an idea of where she might live. She is very young, pretty well-fed (borderline fat) and loaded with energy.

I have an ad in the newspaper, she is also posted on Facebook. I listed her at the animal shelter. I also put a sign at the store near my house. If her owners do not contact me by Wednesday she will be up for adoption. Seems crazy to me that no one is looking for this great dog. Maybe they just couldn't take her energy level anymore. She is a typical lab: Sweet, energetic, happy-go-lucky and a bit yappy at times but don't ask her to fetch a ball because that is not happening.

I have not came up with a name yet because every day I think her owners will show up. Let me know if you have any suggestions for names.