Now I do not want to complain too much. I remember what it was like before the Interstate 30 Frontage Roads in Texarkana were tied together. It was an incomplete, frustrating way to get    from one side of town to the other.

The new construction that turned them into one way complete non stop frontage roads has made getting from one side of state line to another much easier, especially the areas that bypass the stop lights.

However the one big problem I see is the maze of changing lanes throughout the length of I-30 in town. Lanes seem to appear and disappear, changing constantly just a few feet apart. Not only is it confusing and frustrating its a little dangerous in my opinion.  I think they would have been served better by using a little more room for the lanes and had more of them that were consistant and a little less green grass off the roadway.


There are several exit ramps that make it nearly impossible to turn onto the road you would like to travel. One example would be trying to get to County Avenue from the exit ramp. Good luck because you are taking your life into your own hands every time you try it.

As the city grows and the traffic gets heavier these disappearing lanes and difficult turns are likely going to be a huge problem. Likely the highway people will have to go back in and widen the roads and keep the lanes more consistent. Too bad that did not do it from the start now.