It was a terrible morning on Interstate 30 in Texarkana this morning.The Texas DPS says at least 3 accidents were reported this morning involving multiple wrecks on the interstate between Red River Army Depot and Leary.

The first accident involved a vehicle striking a tow truck that had entered the roadway. The driver in the vehicle was killed. This accident occurred near the 213 mile marker near Leary. 28 year old Cherie Burleson of New Boston, Texas did in that crash.

The second accident happened a few minutes later near the 209 mile marker near Hooks as a multiple vehicle collision occurred as drivers slowed down because of the first accident. At least one person received serious injuries as a result of the second wreck.

Then a few minutes later another fatality accident occurred further west near the 205 mile marker as vehicles were backed-up due to the previous accidents and vehicle did not stop in time smashing into the back of an eighteen wheeler. 46 year old Keith Rice of New Boston, Texas was killed in that accident.

Conditions were clear and the roadway was dry at the time of the accidents.