Texarkana is currently in first place to win the $100,000 Petsafe Bark For Your Park grant to build a dog park. The Bark For Your Park leader board will go dark at midnight tonight. We will not be able to see where we stand during this final week of voting. We need everyone to continue to vote everyday and be sure to get the seven extra votes on Friday.

Help Texarkana win! Vote twice a day on the Pet Safe website and Facebook. To make it easy the links are below.

You can also get seven extra votes on Fridays. Once you cast your two daily votes, click on the Petsafe logo and answer the trivia question to get the extra votes. Check Facebook/Bark For Your Park Texarkana to find the clues for the extra votes on Fridays.

Keep up the good work Texarkana!

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Texarkana Dog Park Logistics

Texarkana, Arkansas is ready for its first community dog park and shelter dog park. It will be known as "JefFURson Park," located on the Partnership for the Pathway Trail. It's the triangle area between the pathway, pavilion and road that runs along AHS. Areas will be sectioned off for large, medium and small dogs. There will also be an agility course. The community will be able to exercise and socialize their dogs with other dog lovers.

Crystal Sloan is helping to organize this project. She says, "We also want to create a dog park at the Animal Care and Adoption Center of Texarkana, Arkansas with a portion of the grant. Our shelter dogs desperately need a safe place to run off-leash and play with volunteers and potential owners. As of now, the shelter dogs can escape from their slip leads and run into nearby traffic when they are taken outside of the shelter. With $100,000 we can make the most of the money by serving the general public's need for a safe off-leash dog park as well as creating a stress-free and safe environment for the community's shelter dogs. Our animal shelter serves Miller County, Arkansas and Bowie County, Texas, so voting for Texarkana, Arkansas will benefit both sides of Stateline."