How would you like to see your Domino's pizza being made on a webcam right before your eyes?

This sounds like it could really cool or really creepy. For the month of May, Domino's is testing Domino's Live, where you can see pizza being made on a live webcam feed.

It's only at a Domino's in Salt Lake City, Utah, and they haven't said whether they're expanding

it. But they do promise it's live, and you can choose from five different webcam

angles  The table where they make the dough., The station where they put toppings on the pizza. Pizzas on the conveyor belt as they enter the oven. The pizzas on the belt as they leave the oven.  And an in-store video board that will put up your name if you "Like" Domino's Live on Facebook. I would probably be a little disappointed because I would be yelling at my computer fro them to put more pepperonis on my pizza. What do you think?