We all think we're cool and know the newest hip stuff, but you know that words like freakin and tricked out and unfriend actually been around for centuries.

Friend and unfriend were made popular by Facebook. But there are examples of friend and unfriend going back to the 1600's and using friend as a verb go back to the 1400s.

Hipsters always think you're cool but guess what hipster actually been around since the 1900s, you know back before it was cool.

Freaking is a word I'm not real comfortable with has been around since the 1500s. Back then is was used to refer to as self touching, then it elvoved in the 1900s to being used as a replacement for the F word.

Tricked out, well that's actually been around since the 1500s it made Oxford Dictionary in 1822 with this example 'I must trick out my dwelling with something fantastical'.

Fly which means attractive, and JLo and the flygirls on In Living Color didn't make it popular. It was actually popular since the 1800's how about that for interesting.