Car theft is something we hear about all the time but we never think twice about because we're convinced "it won't happen to us."

Well be don't be so sure because car theft can happen to anyone and the most recent stats from the street website may make you a little nervous, especially if you drive one of the cars that are on the most stolen lists.

1 Chevrolet Pick-Up
2 Ford Pick-Up
3 GMC Pick-Up
4 Dodge Pick-Up
5 Honda Accord
6 Nissan Altima
7 Toyota Camry
8 Chevrolet Impala
9 Chevrolet Malibu
10 Chevrolet Tahoe

And since we are a border city, here are the ten most stolen cars in Texas.
1 Ford Pick-Up
2 Chevrolet Pick-Up
3 Dodge Pick-Up
4 Honda Accord
5 GMC Pick-Up
6 Honda Civic
7 Chevrolet Tahoe
8 Toyota Camry
9 Nissan Altima
10 Chevrolet Impala

As you can see from the lists if you are a pickup owner you may need to be concerned. With domestic made pickups topping the list just make sure to keep your vehicle locked at all times so you don't end up as one of theses statistics.

Do you think any cars need to be added to the list?