The Texarkana police department released some much needed information on being safe this Halloween.

With Halloween right around the corner, it is crucial that you know which houses your children should avoid when trick-or-treating. It is the goal of the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department to provide accurate information to the public regarding the dangers of sexual predators, and to further build community awareness.

To help us achieve this goal we utilize OffenderWatch® to manage, monitor the whereabouts, and conduct compliance checks of the registered sex offenders within our community. OffenderWatch® is the nation's leading sex offender management and community notification tool and we began using this software solution in 2011. OffenderWatch® provides the most accurate and timely information available to the public. To access OffenderWatch® on our website go to Once you are there click on the OffenderWatch® link located on the right side of the home page.

The most beneficial aspect of this address monitoring feature is that once your important addresses and e-mail address have been registered, the system will automatically alert you via e-mail when registered sex offender moves within a specified radius of the registered address.

Register any and all addresses where your children spend a lot of time; for example friends, grandparents, or babysitter’s addresses. Registering for this confidential e-mail alert service allows us to monitor your important addresses for you, thereby keeping you up to date of newly registered offenders and making it unnecessary for you to have to check these addresses daily or even weekly. While visiting our website you can also view and print important safety tips to review with your children.

The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department wishes children and parents a safe and happy Halloween. Any questions concerning Halloween safety may be directed to the Public Affairs Office of the Texarkana Arkansas Police Dept. at (903)798-3187