Where were you when the storms rolled through Texarkana and the surrounding communities on Monday, April 11? I was getting gas so luckily I was parked under an awning when the hail hit as my video shows below but when the winds blew through. That's when things got scary.

Do you have any wind damage around your place? Post your pics in the comments below.

Right after I shot the hail video from the gas station, the wind started blowing through and it was so strong that it was whipping my truck around even though the direction it was coming from was directly behind me. All sorts of items were blowing through the parking lot. It was scary so I called my husband who was at home.

Shortly after the wind stopped blowing where I was he said "Oh wow!" He said he heard noises of stuff being blown off the porch and things were hitting the side of the house. I could hear the concern in his voice. The stuff hitting the house turned out to be pine cones being flung from the tree in our backyard. Branches from that tree were laying in the yard, too. A big chunk of one of the limbs was laying in the yard close to the house. I am super glad I wasn't there when that storm blew through because I'm certain I would have freaked out. I hate wind.

We lost our power right after that storm. The power company's recording said that power poles were down. I imagined that other people fared far worse than we did.

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