While songs by Billy Joel have been featured on Glee before, Thursday night's episode is completely devoted to songs by the Piano Man.  In fact, the episode is titled "Movin' Out," after one of his best known songs.  And Billy himself says that, even though he's not exactly a gleek, he's psyched that the show is using his music.

Billy says, "Honestly, I've never seen the show. I'm one of those guys who watches the History Channel, and I watch news and I watch documentaries...but I'm very happy that my material is being done by people of that age group, and that I guess it has meaning for them."

Billy, who'll play three just-announced dates at New York City's Madison Square Garden in early 2014, adds, "I'm always surprised when I look out at the audience and I see a lot of younger people, like they've discovered this stuff on their own. I doubt that a lot of younger kids listen to classic-rock radio."

"They have their own music now, and in light of that, I guess my stuff hasn't aged so badly that nobody wants to hear it anymore," he adds. "I like hearing my material interpreted as many different ways as it can be. I even like hearing it in an elevator or a fast-food joint."

In tonight's episode, the seniors in New Direction start planning for life after graduation.  Sam and Blaine road-trip to New York, where Sam investigates a possible modeling career with the help of guest star Tyra Banks while Blaine reunites with Kurt and, reportedly, auditions for NYADA.  Back in Lima, the rest of the kids attend a job fair.

Here's a list of the Billy Joel classics featured in tonight's episode:

“Movin’ Out” (Billy Joel) – Blaine & Sam
"Piano Man” (Billy Joel) – Blaine
“My Life” (Billy Joel) – Jake
“Honesty” (Billy Joel) – Artie
“An Innocent Man” (Billy Joel) – Ryder
"Just The Way You Are" (Billy Joel) - Blaine, Kurt, Rachel, Sam & Santana
"You May Be Right" (Billy Joel) - New Directions