I had a big adventure today. I helped catch a German Shepherd that was running the streets in Texarkana near New Boston Road. I managed to get pepper spray in my eyes too!

This dog has apparently been running loose for a while. He did not want to be caught either. He growled at the animal control officer and bit at the mailman. The dog is probably less than 2 years old. He is beautiful. At some point he had a home because he has a collar. The poor dog is very scared and when he wakes up he may be a bit confused as to where he is.

There were several folks that helped to keep this dog from going into the road and getting hit by a car. While it may sound bad that he had to be darted and pepper sprayed, it was the safest thing for him and for the people trying to catch him. Food didn't work. The mailman even offered up his homemade sandwich which the dog ate just the meat out of.

The dart didn't knock the dog out enough and he had to be pepper sprayed so he could be caught. I didn't think about the pepper spray residue being an issue until after I pet the dog and coughed into my hand. The residue shot up into my eyes. Wow. What a burning feeling that was.

Please share this dog's photo so we can see if his owners want to claim him. There are no places to board him this week so after tomorrow morning (Wednesday, Nov. 27) I am not sure where he will go. Send an email if you can help: mcrgsd@yahoo.com.