This momma dog was given up to a local vet by her owner. She was set to be euthanized if someone didn't step in to save her. The vet's office called me and asked if i could possibly take her into my dog rescue. 

Once I got to the vet clinic, I took her out of her cage to check her out but there was no going back once I had her on the end of the leash. I could not put her back into the cage and leave her there knowing what would happen if I did.

I was able to contact the previous owners to get some information. They told me she was due to have her litter in about two weeks. She had four beautiful puppies five days later. They were BIG babies too!

Katie Jo was bred to a full blooded German Shepherd and the babies were adorable! They are now safe and sound in new homes with great families except for one. Katie Jo is also still at Muttley Crew Rescue being treated for heartworms and waiting for her forever home.

Congratulation to Eddie and Laura! They are enjoying their new baby boy.

Congratulations to Linda and Barbara who are also enjoying their new additions to their families!