Keep up with technology and don't waste your money on any of these gadgets.

According to, here are some gadgets that you should not waste your money on:

Remote Controls with Buttons -- Get yourself a Logitech Harmony 1100 Universal Remote and you can toss up to 15 button-filled controllers into the junk drawer. It has a color touchscreen, which makes it easy to switch between all your devices.

GPS Navigation Systems -- Just get an Android-based smartphone with Google Maps' turn-by-turn navigation built into it.

DVR or TiVo Devices -- There are now devices out there that can stream YouTube, Blockbuster On Demand, Netflix and Hulu in full high-def, directly from your computer to your HDTV.

Home Theater Speakers -- Growing up, it might have been a symbol of status to have giant speakers all over your living room. Not anymore. You can now get superior sound with a ridiculously tiny speaker unit.