A fundraiser for the family of seven year old Liam Hamilton is planned for this Saturday August 3rd.The day long event will be going on at DeLaughter's in Redwater from 8 a.m. to around dark. Liam Hamilton tragically drowned in a private pond near Redwater and this fundraiser is to help his family with expenses.

It will consist of a bake sale, garage sale, silent auction and pizza-burger-fish supper. They need you to bring garage sale items to DeLaughters in Redwater as soon as possible with items already priced. Also please bring items for the silent auction as soon as possible. Examples of items include gift certificates to fast food, resataurants, hair salons, nail salons, services, golf, photo sessions etc. Lastly bake sale items need to be brought to the store on Thursday or Friday and need to be able to handle the heat.

If you need more information contact Kyle DeLaughter at (903) 908-4035 or e-mail at kyledelaughter@gmail.com