Help solve the mystery. These pictures were mistakenly given to me when I picked up an order of photos from Walmart several years ago. According to the date stamp on the photos, they were taken in 1987. Some of the pics were taken in West Bank, Jerusalem, Isreal. I would love to return these photos to their rightful owner.

Dormition Church in West Bank, Jerusalem, Israel
Tomb of David in Jerusalem
The Upper Room, Or Coenaculum, Or Cenacle, Jerusalem, Israel

One of the photos is from the Dormition Church in West Bank, Jerusalem, Israel. Others were taken inside the Cenacle (Upper Room) on Mount Zion, Jerusalem. Do you recognize where the other pics were taken? This looks like a trip of a lifetime for someone or maybe it was a trip back to see their heritage or relatives. Please share these photos on your social media to help me get the word out.

Cenacle (Upper Room) on Mount Zion, that Christians commemorate Pentecost in Jerusalem

This is back when when you had to take a roll of film to a store to have it developed. When I picked these photos up from the store after they were developed I also had several other rolls of film that I had processed and didn't notice the mistake until several weeks later. I was not able to get any assistance in locating the original owners when I returned to the store and this was way before Facebook and before the use of the Internet became widespread. I probably lived in Idaho when I had this film processed but back then the store policy was to send it out for processing so there is no telling where it came from originally.

Please email me if you have any information or ideas to locate the owners of the photos. Any information will be helpful: