UPDATE: THIS DOG IS NOW BACK HOME! Thanks to all of the people who shared this information on Facebook. Does anyone recognize this dog? It was running in the road (Arkansas Boulevard) in front of Townsquare Media radio station on Friday morning, December 27, about 7:15 a.m. No collar, no microchip.

I had a panic moment because a listener called and told me that there was a German Shepherd running in the parking lot around our building. I thought it was my dog and somehow he had gotten out of my truck. I left him in there for a bit this morning because he had eaten something stinky and I wanted the smell to air out before he ventured out. When the listener called I just dropped the phone and ran! Poor Ranger was sound asleep when I woke him up yelling his name.

This stray German Shepherd looks like a well taken care of dog so I'm sure someone will be missing their dog when they get home from work this evening. Please help spread the word so they can be reunited sooner rather than later. My phone number is 903-244-9600. Best to text message though because the ringer is almost always off and I rarely listen to my voice mail.