These dogs were found in the South Texarkana/Fouke area. They are very sweet and the male is neutered. We are not sure if the female has been spayed. Their coats are soft. It leads me to believe they belong to someone that took good care of them. They had a lot of ticks when they showed up at my house but that could just mean they have been on the run for a while.

Please share this blog so we can find the owners of the great dogs. There are more photos below.

They didn't have any collars on when they showed up. Neither of them has a micro-chip either. Bella, the name we have given her for now, loads up in a truck like she is used to going for rides. She is well-behaved. She doesn't like to be in a kennel, away from her people though. She can scale a six foot fence and has the ability to pull open an AKC kennel gate. Blue, the name we have given to him for now, is very sweet too. He seems pretty lazy although, that could be because he hasn't regained the weight he has lost while on the loose.

If you recognize these dogs, please send an email to