Today's "Fast Forward To Five" post will feature a blend of cool or informative videos along with some stuff we just find interesting. Sit back with your ear buds in, and take a gander at these videos instead of that clock.

Some of these cool fire tricks are things you can maybe try at home, but any time fire is involved, we suggest you leave the tricks to the professionals. Some of these might help your kid win the science fair, so pay close attention.

brusspup via YouTube

This next video if from the show "Penn and Teller Fool Us," which is a fun show where magicians try to do tricks that the famous illusionists Penn and Teller can't figure out.

shin lim via YouTube

This video really needs no explanation. It's just cars hitting ramps and doing cool stunts.

Audrius Gavėnas via YouTube

Don't like what you see? Let us know what sort of themes you'd like to see on future "Fast Forward to Five" posts, and we'll do our best to find some videos that suit your interests. After all, this is a service to you, but not your work environment, ha-ha!

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