while I am not certain that launching a brand of wine in Fergies honor is the best decision, I do agree that a fashion line (of which she is already doing successfully) or sports apparel would be a big seller in America and Abroad. Here is the scoop.

In addition to her music career, Fergie is a woman of many brands.  She has three signature fragrances through Avon, including her new one, Viva; she has a line of shoes, she's the spokesperson for Wet 'n Wild cosmetics and she's the face of Voli low-cal vodka.

Now Forbes reports that Fergie's latest business venture is another foray into the world of alcoholic beverages: she's bringing out her own wine. Forbes reports that Fergie recently bought an entire vineyard, partly as an investment, and partly as a gift to her dad, who loves horticulture, and who taught her to grow fruits and berries as a kid.

It's called Ferguson Crest, and its first wines will be launched this summer. "It’s an investment,” Fergie says of the winery.  "I’m investing in real estate.  Plus, my dad is going to have a great house.”

It won't be a high-volume business: she plans to produce about 1,000 cases of Syrah, as well as Viognier and Cabernet Sauvignon. In addition, Forbes reports that Fergie's Wet 'n Wild deal will soon include a signature nail polish, and she's planning to bring out a line of shoes for young people called Fergalicious.

On top of that, she wants to move into clothing, and design workout gear.  "I have a lot to bring to the table as far as fashionable fitness apparel,” she tells Forbes. “These are things I know.”

Besides singer, entrepreneur and businesswoman, Fergie says she also enjoys her other role as wife to actor Josh Duhamel.  "That’s another brand of mine, wife!" she laughs.  "That’s definitely a brand I thoroughly enjoy investing in.”  I guess if I had made as much money as Fergie did with The Black eyed Peas and her solo career I would have to invest in something too, Including Wines.