Rumors that Fergie and her husband Josh Duhamel are starting a family have been flying for ages now.  Though nobody really knows what the couple's timetable for having a baby is, Fergie is looking forward to that day.  She tells the new issue of Selfmagazine, "I'm excited to have a child with Josh.  He'll be an amazing dad."

Fergie also opens up to Self about her strong faith, revealing, "On Saturday nights, we like going to mass, then dinner. It feeds our spiritual side, and it's great to hear Josh sing in church -- he's a great singer. Then we go out and have a really nice wine, like all good Catholics."

Speaking more about her spiritual side, Fergie says that's one reason why she wanted to take a break from the Black Eyed Peas for a while. "I needed to take a break from performing, and from the Peas, to be happy. I craved female time, and time with my husband to feed my soul," she tells Self. "My life now is about being balanced. I'm passionate about work and working out, seeing friends and family, and letting my hair down once in a while."

Among Fergie's other revelations in the Self article:

She's not trying to look younger than she is: "I've learned to be more accepting of myself. I'm 37, not 18, and I've got the lines to prove it," says Fergie. "I try to remind myself that a girl can have it all, just not all at once."

She makes things happen just by thinking about them: "My hypnotherapist gave me a book, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, that changed my life," she reveals. "It taught me not to say, 'I think I want this,' but 'I'm going to do this.' See your goal, visualize it in detail, and make it come true. I visualized getting a Grammy, and I did, which is insane!"

She lives in Fergieland: "I call the fifth floor of my house Fergieland," says the singer. "It's where I go to refresh myself and be inspired. It's a total boudoir, decorated in black, white and red. The rest of our home is very earthy."