Engine is a rock band from Shreveport and they bring their unique brand of rock to the Hopkins stage Friday Night.

We are Engine. Welcome to our porch. Our childhoods consisted of terrible, well-meant songwriting. Our youth was spent living in a metal shack in a house boat town southwest of New Orleans. Our nights were filled with constant buzz and excitement as music poured from our fingers onto the strings and into the ears of a thousand reclusive cajuns.

Eventually we picked up our suitcases and made the move to Shreveport to join a musical co-op and fraternal collective. For several years we hosted house shows and grew to love the ebb and flow of local Louisiana life. We learned to accept the sweat on our brow. The strings continued to strum from the creaking height of our porch into the ancient dingy streets of the Highland district.

After close to two years of networking, writing, and learning we decided to bring our sound on to the road. We made several touring sweeps of the south-east and made it as far as Ashville, NC. The reception along the way was staggering. After linking up with another local Louisiana band 'Gashcat' we decided to give the west of shot. In the spring of 2011 we spent close to three months touring, entertaining, and staring in wide-eyed wonder at the American West.

Our journey took us through the southern deserts of New Mexico and Arizona; up the beautiful coast of California; through the white-out mountain storms of Oregon and into the blissful evergreen embrace of Washington State. When our hearts could take the separation no longer we returned to our beloved Louisiana and are currently settling into the next stage of our journey, and we have something that we need to show you. We have written the next installment in our discography. It will be titled “Caverns of Sonora.” It will include ten of the best songs we have ever written, and performed by the best line-up of musicians we have gathered to date. Please help us make this a reality