It’s true… after what seems like forever for some, “El Chico Mexican Cafe” will be making a return to Texarkana this Fall.

Josh Douglas, and Chad Sparkman currently own and operate “The Green Tomato” on Lake Drive, and “Daddy Dougaloo’s” on New Boston Road.  The partners have acquired an El Chico franchise for Texarkana, and will be opening an “El Chico Cafe” in the old “Bennigans” building in Texarkana, Arkansas.

In a phone call to the team at Green Tomato to confirm this information Kita Hanson said,

Super, fabulous, shocked, and excited, not enough words to describe how thrilled we are.  I was almost in tears when they closed, and now we are just super excited to be bringing El Chico back to Texarkana.”

They are planning for an October Grand Opening… WE CAN’T WAIT!