Ed Sheeran fans are desperate to hear new material from the singer, and Tuesday night, during his first of three shows at New York City's Madison Square Garden, he obliged by performing one.

As a video on YouTube reveals, Ed introduced the new song, which he later indicated on Twitter is called "Tenerife Sea," by saying that he'd written it after February's Grammy Awards.  "I was in a situation at the Grammys and everything was happening all at once," he explained. "There was a lot of people around me talking a lot of s**t" and I found the only sense that was coming out of anyone's lips was this one person, and I wrote a song about it."

The song at least the way it sounds played acoustically on stage -- sounds similar to the material on Ed's album + (Plus).

After the show, Ed tweeted a photo of his view from the stage and wrote, "Madison Square Garden. What a night." He also gave a special shout out to the band Snow Patrol, which was his surprise opening act.

Ed plays the legendary venue again on Friday, November 1 and once more  on November 7.  He's promised to release some new music officially in January.