I have dressed my dogs up before but I haven't tried dyeing their fur yet. This pink poodle was at Railfest in Texarkana with his/her brown poodle friend that I only saw from a distance and was unable to tell if he was sporting dyed fur too.

The latest trend overseas is to dye your dogs to look like a baby panda or even a wild cat!

Check out how real these dogs dye-jobs make them look.

I would be afraid to turn my German Shepherd Dog into a tiger. People already shy away from them as it is. Although, I may be contacting the owner of the pink poodle to see if she can help me dye my Sophie's fur to look like a lamb for Halloween. I have the Little Bo Peep costume or maybe I could turn her into a dalmatian to go with my Cruella Deville outfit. Sophie didn't need anything to play the big bad wolf the year I was Little Red Riding Hood. What fun.