Cosmo Magazine did a study and  asked blog readers to vent about the most annoying posts by their attention-seeking Facebook friends. Here are some of our favorites:

  • EX:"Like this status if you think I'm hot." Really? Do people ever respond to these posts?!
  • EX: "I'm unfriending people, so if you see this : congrats you made the cut." -- Thank you. I think ...
  • EX: "Why don't guys like me?" : Because you are posting annoying stuff on Facebook!
  • EX: People who do a daily countdown : It could be a countdown to a vacation, wedding, birthday, anniversary or whatever, but it is so annoying!
  • When someone posts cryptically and won't explain EX: It goes something like this ... "OMG I had the worst day!" Then someone comments, "What happened?" and they reply back, "I can't talk about it." Well then why did you post it!
  • Now We Want To Ask You, What Facebook posts do you find most annoying?