Have you ever been told you either learn a lesson the easy way or unfortunately the hard way?Well I have been in the later of these situations in my youth. You always hear peopled telling you not to drink and drive  right? Well at the tender age of 19 I was Mr. know it all and made the mistake of driving home from Shreveport after a long night of partying with a friend and almost paid for it with my life. On the way home on highway 71 I passed out and instead of making the gentle left turn my 1979 Toyota Celica went straight into a telephone pole. The car took out a the pole, some  fence and even some livestock. Since we knocked out all power it was completely dark and to be honest my passenger and I were a little disoriented. A truck driver saw the whole thing and took us back into town. It was probably the longest ride of my life as I contemplated what I was going to tell my parents. After I reported the wreck to the Authorities my father and I made our way back to the site only to see the wrecker operator tell me I should not be alive after this wreck. The Car had to be trailered it was so badly damaged. After the wreck the good folks at Haley's body shop were great in helping me with the insurance company. Wes Haley told me that he would take care of it and it would be handled. During one of the most stressful time in my young life it was great to know that I had someone helping me get this accident behind me and Wes and the folks at Haley's body shop made it easy. Drinking and driving don't mix. So If I can share anything with you is don't do it and hopefully my story will help you make the right decision.