"You so totally rock, Squirt!"

In case you didn't recognize it, that's a Finding Nemo reference and you should be ashamed that you don't know it. Seriously ashamed because I love Nemo and you should too.

On a more serious note, that quote comes from Crush, who is the main sea turtle of the story. Not only are sea turtles cute, they are also in serious danger.

In danger of what you ask? Polluted waterways, chemicals, trash and much more.

It's not just the sea turtles in danger though. If you want to read more on them just check out Oceana's website. There are so many problems concerning polluted waterways. Like all of that trash.

Ever wondered how long the trash you throw in lakes and oceans takes to disappear? Millwood Lake's website has a laundry list of trash items, but here are a few just so you know.

It takes 450 years for a plastic water bottle to disappear from a lake. 200 years for a soda can, 50 years for a Styrofoam cup and two months for an apple core. Think about that next time you bite into an apple and almost litter.

I know we may just be here in Texarkana thinking how would polluted waterways affect me? They affect everyone, I promise. Trash thrown into a lake or ocean is a big deal. Just like chemical and solid waste is also harmful to our waterways. And let's not forget about those precious sea turtles.

The image below is from the Catalan Water Agency and the Department of Planning and Sustainabilityin Catalonia. The graphic is in reference to the Mediterranean Sea, but water pollution affects us all. You might think tropical deadly fish are the most dangerous species in the Mediterranean Sea but you're wrong.

Uncontrollable trash and waste is the most dangerous thing.

So this is my little PSA telling you to think before you harm our environment. And when all else fails, go watch Finding Nemo.

Catalan Water Agency