Delta Donnie will bring his delta music influence to  Fat Jacks this Friday Night.

Delta” Donnie Mathis was born in Helena, Arkansas and grew up with the Delta musical influence. He was raised in a musical family and, notably, Mack Self, a cousin. Mack was a well-known singer, songwriter, Sun recording artist, and a member of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. Donnie’s family and mentors (C.W. Gatlin was one of many) were a big influence on his music. His deep, rich, melodic voice has captivated audiences for many years.

“Delta” Donnie’s music encompasses many genres of music: country – old and new, Southern Rock, classic rock and roll, with a little bit of blues thrown in the mix. His musical genre versatility is one of the reasons his music appeals to a large variety of audiences. Many musicians are just that, musicians, but “Delta” Donnie and his group are entertainers in that they interact and connect with their audiences.