Chuck E. CheeseThe mascot at Chuck E. Cheese is getting a makeover.

The 35-year-old cartoon character will now carry a guitar and has a new voice. The lead singer of Bowling for Soup, Jaret Reddick, will be the voice behind the new face. He used to be a cigar toting rodent which really doesn't make much sense for a restaurant that is geared toward such a young audience. I say "young" but deep down I love to go to Chuck E. Cheese. My highly competitive drive makes their games addicting.

CEC Entertainment, which owns the Irving, Texas-based chain, hopes that the update will revive their slumping sales, which fell 4.2 percent in the first quarter.

According to, the man who had been the voice the mascot in restaurants and commercials for nearly 20 years found out about his replacement only after coming across “Chuck’s Hot New Single” online and realizing it was sung by someone else. He called the company and they informed him that he had been replaced.