The East Texas band "Teazur" will be playing at Fat Jack's Oyster and Sports Bar for Mardi Gras Saturday night.



The band is made up of five members.


TIM KING: The lead vocalist who also plays guitar and keyboards was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. Tim has yet to learn English but loves his ritual of taking his weekly bath in his neighbor's pool.





JOHN BEDINGHAUS: Lead guitarist, vocals and keyboards is originally from Butte, Montana. John has always been fond of cattle branding, and his favorite game is playing hide and seek by himself.




MIKE REINER: is on drums and vocals. He was found aimlessly wandering on a country road in Greenbow, Alabama. No one knows why. Mike enjoys scaring small children and the elderly as well as drinking Jagerbombs to excess.




STACY SHEW: plays bass guitar is originally from Cleveland, Washington. Stacy loves to draw pictures of "super fast cars" with his Etch-a-sketch while he busts a move in the privacy of his own mind.




Another very important part of  the show is Brian Cullins, the  sound and light man. Brian is the illegitimate son of Babe Ruth's mothers, brothers, sister-in-laws and cousin Beatrice. He loves to work with his 'speak and spell' before nap time each day.