RJ is the cat greeter at Muttley Crew Rescue. RJ helps with the description "Good with Cats" on the listing of information about adoptable dogs at the rescue. He doesn't seem to have much fear.

RJ was adopted from the animal shelter in Texarkana when he was just six weeks old. He has always had a love for dogs and would often sleep with the rescued dogs. I kind of feel bad about adopting his dog buddies to new homes. He really doesn't have any good dog friends left. His last buddy past away a year ago and lately RJ has had some health issues arise causing a few trips to the vet. RJ was an outdoor cat for over seven years. Now, he is an indoor cat and he seems to be loving it! For a cat that used to spend his days chasing rabbits and hanging out with dogs, he has adjusted very well to moving inside. Don't worry, he still has the job title of Ambassador to the Dogs.