My House and Yard are a Mudbog
Running a dog rescue in this mud is a huge hassle when most of the dogs are in my house! It's like living in the TV show Little House on the Prairie with a dirt floor. My leather furniture is splattered with mud. My walls, washer, dryer, refrigerator and face have been covered in mud from dog p…
School Closings and Delays Wednesday, February 25th
As a winter storm moves into our area, many schools are deciding to close this morning while others are still planning to start late. Here is the list of schools that are either closed or starting late for Wednesday, Feb. 25. We will update this list as more information comes available.
Road Conditions in Texarkana and Surrounding Areas [VIDEOS]
With sleet, snow and freezing rain falling for a majority of Monday, Feb. 23, the roads were a treacherous journey to work, school and running errands. I ventured out today and shot video to show what city travel looked like around lunch time. Then I shot more video of my trip home. The videos show …

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