Power Had No Power![POLL]
During the storms early Tuesday morning I got a call from the Power transmitter that we had no Electricity.
Prepare for Texarkana Weather Using Five Awesome iPhone Apps
Daniel Y. Go/Flickr
Summer is just around the corner and that always means tons of activity for my family and I. Whether transporting newly minted high school graduates to college, taking younger kids to summer camp, or simply preparing for a relaxing weekend by the lake, there are plenty of plans to…
View of the Storms From Mimi’s Back Porch [PHOTOS/VIDEO]
It has been a busy week for storms in our neck of the woods. Monday, Tuesday and even overnight on Wednesday, which was unexpected. I had to pull a tree out of the road to get to work Wednesday morning.
This is what the storms looked like from my back porch:
Multiple Tornadoes Strike Around Dallas Texas [VIDEO]
There have been a few tornadoes touch down around the Dallas Metroplex today.  One that struck in Arlington, Texas was caught on video tossing 18 Wheelers around like play toys.  Major damage has been reported around the DFW area, including a nursing home destroyed in Arlington.

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