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Soccer or Beagle Ball? [VIDEO]
Even with Brazil releasing all of the sexy ads they can for the upcoming world cup, this video of a Soccer playing Beagle Hound does more to get me interested in the sport than anything else.
Thor The Great Dane Puppy Is Not A Morning Person [VIDEO]
Thor is an adorable Great Dane puppy and as you can see on the video he is not a morning puppy.
Thor's owner filmed him as he was trying to get him up at a wonderful time 3:30 am! I have to be in the office by 5am and I do not get up this early...
Provide a Pet a Pad for a Cat Named Romeo [PHOTOS/VIDEOS]
This male Chartreux mix has his cat routine down. He's slick and cool except for when it comes to jumping up on window sills (watch the video for that)! But this guy did not get his name for just being good at being a cat. Romeo loves his humans. He wants attention, affection and affirmation wheneve…
Adopt a Shelter Cat Month
June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. Just in time for a huge influx of kittens at the shelter because so many cats are not spayed and neutered in our community and this seems to be the time of year when many litters are born.
How About A Free Base Jumping Dog? [VIDEO]
Just put this in the I will never do this file for me. This video of a dog base jumping in a wing suit has a whole lot of nopes written all over it and it makes me queesy just watching the video.

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