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Squatty Potty Put to the Test
Have you heard of the Squatty Potty? I first saw it on ABC's Shark Tank. You may think this is a joke but going the bathroom properly is serious stuff.
Radio Station D.J.s Chew Sour Gum on Video
I blind-sided my co-workers yesterday. I videoed them trying a piece of gum and not just any gum, it was Cry Baby extra sour gum! Their responses were hilarious. Each of my victims had different responses to the gum although they all kind of had a bit of agitation that I started the video rolling be…
Service Dogs – What Everyone Needs to Know
Service dogs are a hot topic. More and more people are finding there are great benefits in using a service dog. Because of this, we are seeing more and more service dogs in public places which brings up a lot of questions of how to deal with dogs in public places and how to spot the fakers.
Who Knew Getting Gas was Such a Chore [VIDEO]
Who had any idea that filing up your car would require such effort? The video from the stations security camera shows a poor woman from the Uk trying to get her car positioned just right to get it filled up at a gas station. I have owned some cars that the gas filler was on the passenger side and no…
Lip Plumping Gone Horribly Wrong [VIDEO]
Have you had a chance to check out all the craziness of the "Kylie Jenner" lip challenge? It is pretty simple to accomplish these unbelievable lips. All you need to do is locate a shot glass. Insert lips. And suck.
Dad Uses Camaro to Pull His Kid’s Tooth [VIDEO]
This is why the state of Florida is a whole different kind of crazy.
When I was a kid, we'd try pulling our loose teeth out by doing the 'slam the door' trick. It hardly ever worked for me. My son, Grant, is loosing teeth all the time and he is even pulling them himself...
The Laziest Dog Walker Ever [VIDEO]
Taking the Dog for a Walk from Arnie S on Vimeo.
In what can only be called the laziest thing ever, this dog owner is actually walking his dog while he is driving his mini van.

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