Public Service Announcement

Black Friday Blood Drive in Texarkana
LifeShare Blood Center is having a blood drive on Black Friday, November 25, from 8AM to 4PM which includes raffles, giveaways, and an all you can eat breakfast that will be served in the center during the blood drive.
Fundraiser for Chloe Cox and Family on Saturday, Oct. 29
This sweet 12-year-old girl is undergoing treatment for a very rare brain tumor. The treatment and expenses for travel for the family continue to grow as she continues to undergo treatment for the tumor. You can help by attending this fundraiser where there is something for everyone.
Meet the Grandson of Actor John Wayne in Texarkana
Author John T. Wayne is in Texarkana this weekend for the Gathering of the Authors on Saturday, Oct. 29. I had the opportunity to interview him and share that video with you below. Wayne and I also spent a considerable amount of time discussing how he only recently discovered that he is the grandson…

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