Provide a Pet a Pad Tuesday

Cola is Our Featured Pet of the Week
This is a fun dog. He loves people. I see him as a great companion and a cuddle bug for children. Cola is a Shepherd/Hound mix who is around 2 years old. He loves to lay in a kiddie pool and gets along great with other dogs.
Animals Will Be Euthanized for Space at the Animal Shelter in Texarkana
The animal shelter in Texarkana is facing overcrowding issues again as more dogs continue to be surrendered and picked up by animal control officers. Any of the dogs listed below could go down at anytime if they are not adopted or rescued. Some dogs were already euthanized this week because of overc…
Molly is Our Featured Pet of the Week
Molly is such a sweet, adorable little girl. She is very attentive and ready to please. Molly is a hound mix pup. Adopt her today from the Texarkana Animal Care and Adoption Center.
Tour the Dog Adoption Floor at the Texarkana Animal Shelter
Take a tour of the animal shelter right from your desktop or mobile device. So many great animals needing homes. If you will share the video below, maybe we can get a few dogs new homes. The Animal Care and Adoption Center in Texarkana, Arkansas is the only shelter we have in town and the place that…
Mimi Collides with the Pet of the Week
Collide is the dog's name that we are highlighting as our pet of the week and I quickly found out why. He still has playful puppy in him and he is a big boy so when he comes running, sometimes he doesn't completely stop in time to prevent a collision.

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