Provide a Pet a Pad Tuesday

Was This Puppy Abused? Yes or No, He Still Needs a Home [PHOTOS/VIDEO]
Someone threw this poor baby out on the street! He was found by an elderly lady on a fixed income. He is now at the shelter.
He has kind of a unique, ummm, how do I put this...his wee-wee doesn't look like it exists. No lie! It looks like it was removed because it doesn't stick out.…
Adorable Puppy at Animal Shelter in Texarkana, Arkansas [UPDATE]
This is possibly the cutest puppy EVER! He is adorable and ready for adoption from the animal shelter in Texarkana.
He talks to me in the video below. He tries to get a soda from the machine. He checks out the crate in the corner. Waves at the camera. He would make a sweet Valentine …
Provide a Pet a Pad Black and White Puppy — [PHOTOS/VIDEOS]
This sweet, fluffy black and white puppy has the best attitude. Life has dealt him a couple of bad deals. He was apparently stepped on or ran over by something and when he came to the shelter he was unable to walk. He can now get around very well but you can see a little wobble in h…
Provide a Pet a Pad — Lap Dog Extraordinaire [PHOTOS/VIDEOS]
D28 would make a great lapdog for you! He is very mild mannered. D28 is between three and five years old. He is great on a leash and waited to use the bathroom outside so house-training should be a breeze. D28 is very sweet. He is in a kennel with two other dogs so he does get along well with dogs. …
Pitiful Puppy at the Animal Shelter Wags for a Home [VIDEO]
This cutie patootie puppy really wants to go home with you. Watch the tail just a waggin' away hoping for a little fun out of this cage. Currently a resident at the Animal Care and Adoption Center in Texarkana, Arkansas, but could easily be your best buddy.
Collie Puppy at the Animal Shelter Needs a Home [VIDEOS]
This adorable collie puppy is just aching to get out of the cage and play, play, play. Currently a resident at the Animal Care and Adoption Center in Texarkana, Arkansas, but could easily be your best buddy. You can hear the pup barking over the extremely noisy shelter
Sweet Chihuahua at the Animal Shelter Wants to go Home With You [VIDEO]
UPDATE! This chihuahua is now being fostered through a local rescue: Little Paws Rescue in Texarkana. This sweet chihuahua had nothing to say unless you can read the body language that says TAKE ME HOME! The tail and the big eyes say it all. Currently a resident at the Animal Care and Adoption Cente…
Provide a Pet a Pad — Bruno Needs a Home [PHOTOS/VIDEOS]
Bruno is a beautiful brindle boy. He is approximately one year old and is fabulous on a leash! Bruno appears to also have some house-training because he really had to go when I took him out of his cage at the shelter. He is a large mixed breed dog that will be easy to train. His energy is not high …
Provide a Pet a Pad for a Puppy [PHOTOS/VIDEOS]
This cute puppy is playful and loyal. Baxter is a large breed puppy although his exact breeds are unknown. Some guess a hound while others guess a possible mix with mastiff. A quick look at his extra skin around his neck and face are a sure sign of his size to come.
Baxter is very smart and at such …
Provide a Pet a Pad for a Sweet Young Shepherd Mix [PHOTOS/VIDEOS]
This sweet shepherd mix female is very young. She absolutely loves to play fetch and can entertain herself playing and chewing on toys. At first she was a bit scared and did not want to walk on the leash once she was out of the kennel area. Quickly she warmed up and would even come when called. She …

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